Rules and Regulations

Assalam alaikum warahmatullah. In order to be successful in using this site, please pay attention to the following rules/tips in using this website:

  • Sisters, never you disclose your personal contact details (Phone, Facebook etc.) to anyone until you have both understood each other via the messaging system on this site.
  • Sisters, you should never meet with any brother in a private or secluded place at any time. Be wise and be security conscious. Let all your meetings be in an open arena like the cafés, public parks, eateries etc. or at your parents’ house. Never in a private place to avoid you being a victim of circumstance.
  • Sisters, you should never accept to meet any brother until you have both satisfactorily agreed about the pure intentions for nikah, having involved both families.
  • Sisters, never you meet any brother alone at anywhere, by anytime. You must go with a mature male mahram (not a female companion alone) or both. And the brother must come with his relative on your first meeting at your place of choice, not his place of choice.
  • Brothers, do not approach or message a sister until you have critically gone through their profile, and you are thoroughly satisfied with it, most especially, the tribal response issue.
  • Ask your families if they accept someone from such and such tribe before you contact such brother or sister.
  • Be sure you have both asked all the necessary questions before you conclude on your decision.
  • If there are any suggestions regarding the kind of questions that should be on the profile, kindly contact us
  • Please, report any abuse by any member to the admin using the contact form via the link above.
  • All abuse reports shall be investigated and defaulters will be barred and deleted from this site.

If indeed your intentions are sincere, you will abide by these rules. Do not let your desires drive you into doing the wrong thing. You have the power to put things under control. Do not be desperate. Allah knows best of all things. Whatever is for you will never pass you by, and whatever was not meant for you will never get to you.

Ready For Nikah and its affiliate domains will not be held responsible for any mishap as a result of not following the above warnings/tips/rules/instructions.

May Allah ease our affairs and grant us our heart desires. Ameen.

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